YMI Denim Match-Up Quiz

If you're looking for the perfect denim style and are not sure where to start, this is the quiz for you!

How would you describe your style?

A. Classic and timeless. I stick with tried and true styles and pieces that I love.

B. I like to keep up with the trends and styles, but typically keep it casual and cute.

C. Daring and not afraid to try new things. I consider myself to be a trendsetter.

D. I go for pieces that are super flattering and accentuate my body.

How would you describe your perfect Sunday?

A. Attending a sporting event.

B. Going to a museum

C. Getting coffee and going shopping

D. Going to a cute brunch spot with friends

What is a must-have accessory?

A. Small gold hoops

B. A cute scrunchie or claw clip

C. A micro purse

D. Lip gloss

Which is your favorite scent?

A. Warm vanilla

B. Floral lavender

C. Woody sandalwood

D. Ambery cherry

Who is your celebrity style icon?

A. Jennifer Lopez

B. Kendall Jenner

C. Hailey Bieber

D. Beyoncé

Where do you look for fashion inspo?

A. Fashion magazines

B. Pinterest, duh!

C. My favorite celebs and Instagram fashion bloggers

D. TikTok, of course!

What are you looking for when you shop for jeans?

A. Jeans that are timeless

B. Jeans that are comfortable and cute

C. Jeans that are on-trend

D. A super flattering fit

Mostly A's: Skinny Jeans and High Rise Jeans

You love a good classic! Skinny jeans and high-rise jeans are timeless, and will always be great go-to's. They are super versatile; you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. They are sleek and chic for date night, but you can also wear them casually while running errands. Not to mention, they are super flattering, helping to give you a long and lean-looking silhouette. There is no doubt you'll get a lot of wear out of them - all you have to do is find the perfect fit. Luckily, we're here to help! Find your perfect fit here: Vintage Dream High Rise Skinny Jeans and our Plus Essential High Rise Skinny Jeans

Mostly B's: Mom Jeans and Straight Leg Jeans

You are stylish and like to keep up with trends, but you won't stray too far from your comfort zone. You like more of a casual and cool vibe, without trying too hard. Mom jeans and straight-leg jeans are effortless and laid-back, but still super cute. These jeans are great for any body type and are on the more comfortable side due to their simple silhouette and looser fit. Sounds like a great pick if you ask us! Find your new everyday jean here: Hybrid Dream High Rise Mom Jeans and our Dream Straight Leg Jeans.

Mostly C's: Dad Jeans and Wide Leg Jeans

Trendsetter babe! Everyone looks up to you for fashion inspo and you’re always rocking the hottest and latest trends. You’re not afraid to try new things and find styles that push the boundaries. You like to stand out and break the rules when it comes to fashion. Dad jeans are THE baggy jeans. They are the jeans that IG it girls and celeb fashion icons can’t get enough of. They give any outfit you pair them with a cool and effortless feel. Wide-leg jeans are all about the drama! They are definitely jeans that make a statement characterized by a trouser-like wide leg and a high-rise that cinches at the waist. They add dimension and give you an exaggerated silhouette- talk about a confidence booster! Find your fashion-forward jeans here: Low-Rise Dad Jeans and our Dixie Wide Leg Jeans.

Mostly D's: WannaBettaButt and Flare Jeans

You love to turn heads and make them look. You know how to play up your features and love clothes that help you to look and feel your best. When shopping for jeans, it's all about the fit and how they hug your curves. Our WannaBettaButt jeans have specially designed pockets and stitching to enhance your natural curves and give your bum a lifted effect. Flare jeans are also super figure-flattering, with volume at the bottom to give you longer-looking legs and a curved silhouette. Our WannaBettaButt and flare jeans will have you feeling sexy and confident as ever! Shop our collection here: WannaBettaButt High Rise Ankle Jeans and our Plus High Rise Flare Jeans.