Y2K Fashion is Here to Stay: Reviving the Hottest Fashion Trends of the 2000s

Forever in our Y2K Fashion era....

Low-rise denim, cargo pants with large pockets and detailing, and of course,  flare jeans! All these styles are making a huge comeback and we truly believe Y2K fashion is here to stay. As you may know, the 2000s was a major fashion era that was very much influenced by some of the biggest pop stars. From Paris Hilton (queen of Y2K fashion), to Destiny’s Child, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and the Olsen Twins - these celebrities have become Y2K fashion icons. 

Since then, denim has become a huge statement piece. It was worn at all the red carpet events and award shows and it was typically paired with butterfly tops, tiny crop tops, vests, jackets, or anything bedazzled. The detailing on the denim was also very unique. It included patchwork, seam detailing, and lots of pockets! You might think Y2K fashion is not for you and we get that low-rise jeans may not seem that appealing at the moment (trust us), but you can always take bits and pieces from trends and make it your own! Luckily, we have a wide variety of Y2K-inspired pieces so you can find something that truly speaks to you! From standout pieces like wide-leg pants and cargos, to interesting details like carpenter loops and matching belt buckles, we’ve got you covered babe!

Crazy about Cargos

Cargos are the trend you are seeing everywhere lately, and we don’t think they are going anywhere, anytime soon. Cargos have a relaxed fit and give you that effortless, cool girl look. They are designed with large pockets, making them both stylish and functional. We offer plenty of cargo styles to choose from. From cargo jeans to twill styles, as well as cargo shorts and our new cargo skirts! We have it all! 

The Baggier , the Better

Another emerging trend has been baggy pants and jeans. The complete opposite of our skinny jeans phase! Typically, in the early 2000s, loose-fitting pants were accompanied by an extremely low-rise waist. However, we love options here! So we made sure to design baggy bottoms in high, mid, and low rises!

How Low Can You Go?

Speaking of low-rises, it’s no secret that low-rise pants have made a comeback. We’re still getting used to it TBH! Our low-rise selection currently ranges from an 8.5” to 8” inch rise. This is slightly higher than your typical low-rise and we feel that it is a great way to ease into the trend. From skinnies to bootcut jeans and cargos, we have a growing selection of low-rise bottoms for you to choose from!

Bootcut Baby

Inspired by the 70’s flared style, bootcut jeans completely took over the early 2000s. They were EVERYWHERE and worn by celebrities like Paris Hilton, Destiny’s Child, Mariah, Britney, and so many more. Nowadays, bootcut jeans are slowly making a comeback and are gaining popularity like flare jeans have. Whether you want to rock the bootcut jeans with the back patch pockets, or flares are more your vibe, we have something for everyone!

Get the Celeb Look!


Let’s be real, it doesn’t get more iconic than celebrity fashion in the early 2000s. We’re talking both street style and on the red carpet. We are OBSESSED! So, we decided to recreate some of our favorite looks with our selection of Y2K bottoms. 

Jessica Alba rocks the popular dark wash bootcut jeans with flap back pockets on the red carpet. Our Sustainable Essential Mid Rise Boot Cut Jeans  are almost identical and help make your booty pop! We’re certain you’ll have people stopping you to ask you where you got them!

Here we have Jenny from the Block rocking some super cute parachute pants. We love how she paired it with a cropped baby band tee and sneakers. Crazy how it’s what all the girlies are rocking today! Us included! We love our High Rise Nylon Cargo Joggers with Zippers paired with a crop top and sneakers to help channel our inner JLO. 

Britney always shows us how it’s done! We’re obsessed with the cargo jeans she wore to receive her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. We love the relaxed fit and the large patch pocket detailing on the side! Our High Rise Double Cargo Jeans are the next best thing! Dress them up with heels like Britney, or wear them casual with a crop top and sneakers!

Okayyyyy, Miss Christina! We see you in that mini skirt girl! Not only were the rises low in the early 2000s, the lengths were short as well! Mini skirts and shorts turned micro back then, and we’re starting to see more of that now. Our Denim Wrap Skort combines Y2K style with modern elements, such as an asymmetrical shape for an edgy, chic vibe! Add a silver body chain through the belt loops and you’re ready to serve!

Okayyyyy, Miss Christina! We see you in that mini skirt girl! Not only were the rises low in the early 2000s, the lengths were short as well! Mini skirts and shorts turned micro back then, and we’re starting to see more of that now. Mariah Carey had no business looking that fire. We’re obsessed with her fold-over straight-leg jeans and crop top combo. She looks sexy, without doing too much. Our Dream Low Rise Jeans with Fold-Over Waist Jeans help you achieve just that! Pair these with a cropped tank to get her look!

Jojo didn’t just give us anthems, she served us looks too! If her red carpet outfit doesn’t scream Y2K to you, then we don’t know what else does! She’s wearing a cute little cardi and the classic low-rise bootcut jeans with an embellished belt. Our Low Rise Belted Flare Jeans are designed in a low rise with a chunky matching denim belt buckle for those Y2K vibes. Dress these up with a mesh top and platform heels, or wear them casual with a baby tee and sneakers!

And last but not least, we have Mariah Carey yet again! She’s rocking an edgy/sporty look with a cropped denim vest, army green cargo shorts, and a matching bikini-style top. Our Low Rise Poplin Cargo Shorts in Green give off a similar vibe! Style them with a crop top and combat boots for a Mariah-inspired look!